Content Review

A fundamental practice that ensures overall calendar accuracy, visibility and team cohesion. 

The Practice

A recurring session that aligns and moves your work forward.

Why it Matters

Effective reviews serve as a central milestone in your process. Produce, review, refine, repeat.


  • Facilitator
  • Scribe
  • Channel or Campaign Leads
  • Approver*

*Approvers v. Inputer's -  The Approver is ideally one person, but be careful of “Approver Bloat”. Know the difference between input and approval. An increase in reviewers (input) does not increase the content’s quality. Excess reviewers can slow down the process. 

Running the Content Review

Establish a recurring meeting to facilitate your review. Anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on volume. Our example below is an hour.

  1. Welcome & Trending
    2 Mins: Facilitator opens with what's trending/spiking. Welcome any guests. 
  2. Mini-Retro
    5 Mins: Facilitator reviews performance of previous content - highlights & lowlights.
  3. Priorities
    5 Mins: Facilitator reviews Campaigns or Stories currently in Market. If this review is part of a Content Sprint, then the Facilitator shares sprint priorities.
  4. Round-Robin
    30 Mins: Each Lead is tapped by the facilitator to review moments & content pending approval. Approver: Approve content or Decline with comment. Dynamic calendars and screen sharing can greatly help facilitate collaborative practices like reviews.
  5. Report out from Guests
    10 Mins: Report out from related teams like PR, Web, Events, if they are invited.
  6. Wrap-up
    2 Mins: Call out any actions items and next steps.
  7. Post Meeting Stakeholder communications
    Send out notes to meeting participants, plus stakeholders. Share calendar. Note to Opal users - this is an ideal use of the presentations feature.


  • PEOPLE: 2 - 10+
  • PREP: 30 mins
  • TIME: 1 Hour
  • DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate


  • Minimal discussion
  • Limited to no phone use
  • Laptops open for screen sharing
  • Follow the agenda