Marketing smarter, together is a resource for modern marketers who want to stay ahead in their profession. To gather insights from other talented marketers, analysis of top performing teams and gain perspective through research. We're a growing library of knowledge — the practices, insights and research towards marketing effectively, together. is made possible through Opal.

At its core, Modern Marketing is about working together. The market is unpredictable and constantly shifting. It’s not enough to continue emphasizing process. Marketers, brand teams and agencies can improve by emphasizing a mindset — what we do today will not work tomorrow. This means working smarter by adopting new behaviors, continuously improving best practices, and leveraging peer knowledge across industries.

We observe these traits in highly effective marketers:

  • Visibility across marketing work products
  • Alignment from strategy to execution
  • Efficient processes, behaviors and practices

Removing silos and breaking down systemic barriers creates marketing value. Collaborative teams develop great strategy, architect powerful execution, and create meaningful brand experiences, together.

We believe:

  • Marketing is a practice of action — good marketing practices compliment process.
  • Complexity grows daily. Difficulties multiply when your own marketing house isn’t in order.
  • There is no playbook — if there ever was, it's already outdated.
  • We're curious. Business models and processes outside of marketing are welcome and needed.

Are you ready to measure?

Start here. Begin by assessing your current levels of marketing collaboration, learning more about your strengths and areas of focus. See how you score across the key drivers of collaborative marketing. Our analysis measures how you work individually and across teams for insights that can help improve your overall marketing effectiveness.