Marketing is at odds with itself. Its both art and science, creative and analytical, logical and illogical. It's complex. And it changes daily.

Couple this with the way we work as marketers. Our daily routine. The “how” of marketing that we collectively call our marketing process. It too is increasingly complex and in almost all cases needs refinement.

That’s what this site is about. Marketing Collaboration is how marketing gets done. Our process and practices of modern marketing.

Marketing Practices Need to Evolve

Practices make up our process. Practices are everything from the kick-off meeting to the Powerpoint strategy deck to the workflows and reviews of your process. Your deliverables and your routine.

The problem. Our practices haven’t caught up with the changes in marketing. Its affecting the success of the work and the satisfaction you seek.

Marketing practices need to catch up with marketing technology. Practices that adapt and adopt new routines and behaviors that benefit our process. In some cases designed around our new marketing tools and platforms. New tactics and behaviours for a complex market.

A Definition

Before we go further, let’s clarify:

“Marketing Collaboration is the routine of planning, producing, and communicating a creative message.”

A team of marketers, working together effectively, is greater than the sum of its parts. Marketers die or wither away when left by themselves. Working together more effectively is something you can start now. It's time to adapt and adopt new behaviors and mindsets for marketers to thrive.

When you and your teams aren't functioning, the game can be easily lost before you ever get anything into market. Or you manage to check the boxes and produce something that neither you or your target want or need. I’m sure you’ve experienced this for yourself, it's generally been my experience, but what does the data show?

The Symptoms of Poor Marketing Collaboration

76% - indicate poor review & approval processes

How is your approval process working? Is it consistent? Our analysis looks at regularity of reviews, consistency of approval and whether or not stakeholders know why content has been approved or rejected.

81% - suffer from poor strategic alignment

Do approved assets and overall campaigns reflect the original strategy? Even the best strategies can fall apart as one gets closer to execution. Learn how you can keep aligned throughout your marketing process by adopting collaborative practices.

+90% - report late or up to the last minute campaign launches

The good news is that you’re not alone, but this is a very strong signal we see in the data. But why the last minute scramble?  Complexity is a factor, but so are poor communication and alignment.

Marketing Practices Evolved

When you try to move fast without moving together, important things get missed. Valuable perspectives get lost. Costly mistakes are made. Overall, the quality of the work suffers.

Practices make up your process. Adopting and adapting your practices to meet the complexities of the market is a requirement for the modern marketing.

Evolving Practices

  • Intel has a weekly content ‘War Room’ that coordinates content, channels, and campaigns across audiences.
  • Starbucks leverages a six-week work back plan for their social channels. Everything from the Pumpkin Spice Latte to the Red Cup campaigns go through this standard process.
  • The New York Times has the famous “Page One” meeting that meets 2x day to orchestrate a 24/7 news cycle.
  • Wendy’s has an impressive legal process that reviews everything from the table top merch to the video that comprises its drive-thru menu content. Reduce risk anyone?
  • SWA has developed a “Mobile Newsroom” in order to keep pace with its flyers.

Clear Value

The upside of working collaboratively must be apparent quickly or users will revert to their tried-and-true methods. The faster they can experience time saved, a better outcome, or even a bit of joy in the day-to-day, the more likely your collaborative adoption success is.

The numbers inform us. Experience paints a picture. Marketers need to change the way they work, together. New behaviors and new routines individually, but also the shared tasks across teams, across the brand and across agency & publishing partners.

It's marketing together. And as any marketer suffering from burn-out, or lost weekends, or slipped campaigns... it's no longer optional. We need to work more effectively and efficiently as possible.

Talented marketers working effectively together

Now, see for yourself. Take the Marketing Collaboration Index self assessment and help participate in our research on modern marketing practices.

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Bryan Rhoads